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Tudor Hotel: Bed bugs, mold, mildew and uncouth services   1-Star rating

I must say it was a horrifying experience. I had booked a reservation and upon my arrival was disgusted with what turned out to be a night from hell. I went into the room and saw mold and mildew on the bathroom ceiling (life safety issue). I complained,moved to another room where the air conditioner grill was off, and live wires were hanging above from a place where a fixture was suppose to be (life safety issue). Went to the bathroom and the toilet flooded, asked to be moved again and, as you can guess, the hotel service was extremely poor. They acted as if I was being a burden to them!! I finally get to a room, convincing my kids we aren’t staying our full 3 nights here, just that night because we were all exhausted from driving. Only to wake up with itchy, red dots, rash, etc. When I arrived back to New York, the physician put us on oral medication and steroid cream!!! NEVER IN MY LIFE..Not to mention the environment. Yes, it’s a block from the beach but they do not tell you that right outside their doors and on their property are massive groups of panhandlers, prostitutes, hustlers, drug addicts etc..ITS SO GOOD TO BE A NEW YORKER!!! Tudor sucks and isn’t even rated a 1 star.

Tudor Hotel is located at 1111 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 .

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Beatrice does not recommend this business.

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