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Cheeseburger Baby: Best burgers and cute guys, too   5-Star rating

I recently visited Miami for Black Miami (Memorial Day weekend) the best weekend ever. I arrived on a Wednesday and our first stop after changing and getting fly for the Miami streets was Cheeseburger Baby!! You talking about good burgers, oh my god, those were the best burgers I’ve ever had and their fries weren’t bad either!! They also had a lot of cute guys working there! There’s one in particular (Rico), I’ll be back for him, he was sooooo sweet. I only got to hang out with him one night because he was working every night but I’ll see him soon!!! So don’t forget Cheeseburger Baby.. Great burgers and sexy guys!!!

Cheeseburger Baby is located at 1505 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 .

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MPAGE0507 recommends this business.

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