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Hotel Shelley: Beware of the Bar   1-Star rating

The bar in the hotel is managed by an outside owner with the South Beach Group who trains his bartenders to rip people off. I was headed out of the hotel with my girlfriends, but was stopped by the male bartender who said, “hey ladies, let’s do shots.” Anywhere else in the world, this would mean that the bartender was offering us shots. We went to the bar, took a shot that he suggested and then got stuck with a bill that totalled over $50 (for five shots!!). He even made us pay for his shot. I told this story to someone in the airport who stayed across the street at Chesterfield, also part of the South Beach Group company. He said that the female bartender did the same thing to him only she stuck him with a $100 tab for two shots. Avoid the bars in the hotel at all costs. They will overcharge you or scam you into buying shots when they lead you to believe they are on the house.

Hotel Shelley is located at 844 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 .

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05oczkowski does not recommend this business.

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