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Hotel Shelley: Burglarized at the Shelley   1-Star rating

During my vacation this year I decided to stay in this boutique hotel called Shelley, 844 Collins Ave. I stayed there from Jan. 2-9. Although it was very cheap and it has a great location, not the best hotel and I agree with the previous bad reviews. Loud music until 4-6am, dark corridors and bad maid service. My nightmare started one day previous to my departure, as I walked into my room and found all my valuable belongings were gone: Ipod, some clothing, cell phone, jewelry and my laptop which I couldn’t place in the safe due to its size. In the laptop all my work, lost everything!

To my frustration, the next day the manager named Daniel Mafra showed up (late) saying that the hotel wasn’t responsible for my belongings which I already knew. He didn’t sound very much interested in at least talking to the employees to find out who was working that shift and if someone saw anything. In fact I just received an e-mail on Jan. 24th from him saying that an “internal investigation” was made (according to him, the magnetic door chip was sent somewhere to verify if someone had gotten into my room while I was out) and that no one could have gotten into my room (what a joke!). I went there the next day to check if the locker was really removed. It was in the same place and the room rented out. I smell a rat and strongly think hotel employees are involved in this matter. Why on my last day there? Why during the time I was out daily? Another possibility is that the maids (usually come back later in the day to bring towels which is delivered late at the hotel) left the door opened. Talking to one of the front desk employees I discovered that it wasn’t the first time it happened in that hotel, even recently, which was later comfirmed by Miami Beach Detective Mr. Robinson who is investigating the case. According to him guests from this place have been robbed on many occasions.

I am going through this until the end and want to find out who entered my room and stole my belongings!

I strongly urge everyone to avoid this place, unless you want to take the chance.

Hotel Shelley is located at 844 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL .

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2 Comments on

"Burglarized at the Shelley"

david and leeann says:

just got back from the chesterfield right across the street from shelley and had an identical experience and would love to discuss legal action with you.  please contact me via email ASAP!

Posted on 03/01/2007 at 10:16 PM

Joe says:

David please contact me ASAP cause we have to take legal action against these thieves!

Posted on 03/05/2007 at 10:20 PM

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