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Louie's Brick Oven: Careful What you Order at Louie’s  

I was very excited about Louie’s when it first opened in Aventura because we had such a dearth of good places to eat locally.  Louie’s started with a bang but over the last few months I have noticed a deterioration in food quality, service and patronage.  One thing is that they seem to have a cuisine identity crisis created by their brick oven and iron skillet caserole et al orientation.  Instead of using the brick oven to focus and refine what should be classic italian baked pasta dishes they are all over the place, constantly changing the menu to find dishes that will work.

It might be better if they converted to ceramic serving dishes so they could roll out some nice lasagna, baked ravioli, manicotti etc.. instead they offer steaks, chicken wings, ribs, fish, and some challenged pasta creations.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  The pizza’s seem to be their strongest menu item so make sure you order one before venturing onto their other fare.

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