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Piola Pizza: Cash register scam?   1-Star rating

The cashiers at the bar have a great scam going - if you go with a $20 bill, they will ONLY give you dollars/paper money. The “policy” according to the cashier is “we don’t keep coin” - and guess what? If you are even a PENNY over the dollar - if you don’t have “coin” you only get change in dollars - minus the amount over the dollar. This may not seem like a lot in one pizza - hey, I only got ripped off 80 cents, right? - but at the end of the night, after a LOT of pizzas that people pick up and don’t have correct change for - that’s a lot of extra in the till that he gets to keep at the end of the night - this company needs to be reported to the BBB and the manager fired for not keeping an eye on this scam (of course the cashiers also but the manager turning a blind eye is really at fault the most).

Piola Pizza is located at 1625 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139 .

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pizza lover does not recommend this business.

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