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Johnny Rockets: Chaos at Johnny Rockets   2-Star rating

My boyfriend and I decided to stop and have a burger at Johnny Rockets as we have done so many other times before. We were greeted by a young lady that had the personality of a toad and she directed us to our table, only to find it hadn’t been washed from the previous customer. It was sticky and littered with straw wrappers and napkins. I asked the girl “when she got a moment” to wipe off the table. 15 minutes later, still sticking to the booth, I decided to let the manager know that things weren’t up to par. This man, the manager, Marcus I believe his name was, barked at us like we were his employees and told up someone would be over. Shortly after someone did come clean off the table but, what irritated me more than the dirty table, was the manager very publicly humiliated the poor server in front of the entire restaurant. After seeing how he treated his staff I don’t blame them for behaving the way they did. The food came, and it was great, but i couldn’t believe the way the place was run.

Johnny Rockets is located at 1025 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL, 33139.

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thomas does not recommend this business.

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