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Golds Gym: Charges on Cancelled membership   1-Star rating

Consumers with a voice- no longer take it- Letter to corporate-DO NOT JOIN GOLD GYM.

I am writing this article to give a serious complaint about GOLDS GYM SOUTH BEACH. I was a proud member of the Gold’s Gym South Beach branch, but one year ago I suddenly moved out of state. Realizing I was no longer going to need the membership, I attempted to cancel. When I called to cancel I was told the cancellation method was to send an email with my information, so I did. I sent one email on January 28, 2008 expressing my desire to cancel my and my wife’s membership. When I called the gym I was told it would be best to send out 2 emails for the gym’s filing purpose, as long as the information was on both email. So, on January 31, 2008, I sent out the same email, complete with my and my wife’s full name and expressed desire to cancel our contract.

On January of 2009 I received a letter from a collection agency informing me I owed money on a Gold’s Gym Membership. This was a total shock because I was sure I sent out the email last year. I proceeded to contact the gym to find out how something like this could happen. I was passed on to person named Christina who at the time informed me no email was found by the gym and that she handled the accounts, so she kept very good records of all her emails. She then informed me that if I had really sent out the email I would have saved it. But I change computers every few months so I thought it impossible to find the email. After this frustrating conversation I contacted my lawyer who reminded me all the emails sent from my server are saved. So I contacted my hosting company who was more than happy to provide the emails.

After receiving them on February 1st, I forwarded them to Christina at Gold’s Gym who told me someone would take a look at them to fix the situation. On February 7, 2009, (more than 1 year after I canceled my membership for the first time) my membership was still active and the collection agency was still calling me. So, I called Christina and she seemed to have not even looked over my files, she kept saying the decision maker is unavailable - David – the owner and manager. She is just making up excuses not to solve the problem, in the meanwhile my credit is being ruined. (very inconsiderate)

Now I want my money back, all the money wrongfully charged on my credit card for a membership someone at the gym did not cancel. Plus, for the gym to contact the collection agency before they ruin my credit any further. It is not fair I would be charged or penalized for a membership I canceled last year. 

Golds Gym is located at 1400 Alton Road.

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UnhappyGOLD'SGYMmember does not recommend this business.

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2 Comments on

"Charges on Cancelled membership"

Leeza says:

I am going through the SAME thing right now. I don’t know what to do.  I joined Gold’s gym 1.5 years ago. I was also dealing with the very rude Christina. I was informed verbally that I had 30 days to cancel. On day 29, I called and e-mailed to cancel. They said okay. However, I was being billed in the following month. I was never given a contract, because the guy who signed me up told me their printers were broken and he would mail it to me. When I called to complain, I was informed that I was mistaken, because I was only given THREE days to cancel. I would have never signed up because I am asthmatic and just wanted to see how it was. I used the gym once or twice in that month, and decided to cancel. So, I asked them to send my contract. They never did. I asked my doctor to write a letter, he did, they said it wasn’t sufficient. They proceeded to harass me with how they have many asthmatics, and that is not basis for cancelling my contract. I then moved back to Cleveland from Miami, where there is no gym. I called the manager and told her to send me my contract and a copy to my lawyer, she freaked out and said this wasn’t necessary, all I had to do was send my licence with two bills from Cleveland. I did this with a certified letter. I got a signed receipt back. I called to confirm, and she never got back to me so I figured everything was taken care of. This was November 2008. Last week, I got a call from collections asking for $2000!!! These are all LATE fees, since my membership was no longer valid, they gave me late fees!!! I used the gym twice, and they are trying to rob me blind. Mind you, I still to this day have not seen ONE copy of my contract!!! I talked to my lawyer friend who told me since collections never sent me a letter, they cannot collect because of the Fair Debt Collections Act. I don’t know what to do, I cannot allow myself to pay LATE FEES for an unjust contract I was never able to see.

Posted on 11/29/2009 at 7:02 PM

augustin castrello says:

I truly wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you
> have done for and given to me over the past few years. I have now been a
> member of this Gold’s Gym for over 4 years now, over this time I have seen
> many changes for the better or worse, many improvements and frankly some
> questionable decisions. Seen many great employees come and go, new members
> added, other valued members have moved on. Many of these people have become
> special friends and I developed special relationships with many these people
> including you both. Over this time the gym has been become a very integral
> part of my life, it provides me with a place to relieve my stress,
> socialize, take care of my mental and physical health as well as re-center
> my focus and my energy in a positive direction.
> However with this said it is with major regret that I will not be renewing
> my membership, due to the reasons I am about to explain I have decided the
> time has come for me to move on. I also want to make you aware of what is
> going on in your business so you can take the appropriate action to protect
> yourself.
> Over recent years I have endured and encountered many disappointing
> experiences not only in personal and professional life, but also instances
> which have occurred in this gym. I have heard many testimonial’s from former
> members, business associates and employees describing their negative
> experiences while associating with and/or attending this facility.
> I have spoken to MANY past and present employees as to what they were made
> to endure, tolerate and unwillingly participate in. I have watched the level
> of service and my comfort level deteriorate dramatically, the bond and sense
> of community that was once here no longer exists. Instead there is a
> continuous tension, distrust and a toxic vibe which was never here before.
> WORDS…........................MR DAVID GANDELL. Since the day you have put
> this man in charge of your operation your business has taken a downhill
> turn.*
> The thing’s this man has done are too numerous to mention, but the ones that
> bother me the most are starting childish rumors and telling untruths about
> others, constantly hitting on employees and members, hitting on married
> members, getting involved in others lives OUTSIDE of the gym, unscrupulous
> business practices, billing members credit cards/accounts without members
> prior approval, using his position as General Manager of your club to
> manipulate others, just to name a few… All this while professing to be a
> Christian. Worse, 90% of the time he plays the victim in all this, where in
> fact he is the cause/instigator. I find it hypocritical and disturbing that
> you allow a person like this to not only run your club but also destroy your
> reputation and credibility.
> I cannot stand by and participate in this farce, it makes me cringe and
> extremely uncomfortable to come to this gym now, where in the past it was
> one of the highlights of my day.
> Again I thank you for everything, I wish you both well and much success in
> the future, but unfortunately I have decided it is time for me to move on.
> Sincerely,
> Augustine Castrello

Posted on 05/31/2011 at 5:34 PM

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