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Chesterfield Hotel: Chesterfield staff and hotel RUINED our vacation   3-Star rating

This was the worst hotel I have ever stayed at in my life. I have NEVER experienced such horrible customer service. The staff was rude and unhelpful. When we first arrived they made us stay at the crummy hotel next door because they had overbooked! Without even notifying us they simply asked us to follow them and basically told us we had no choice but to stay next door!

The next day we demanded the room we had paid for and after arguing for about an hour with a RUDE employee by the name of Carlos we received a room that we later found out was infested with worms! Our pillows and sheets were taken over by hundreds of little WORMS. When I went downstairs to complain, the employee simply stared at me and basically told me he couldn’t do anything until the next day because he didn’t have any rooms available. So there I am stuck with two other frantic girls in a room infested with worms that cost us $240.00 a night at 4:30 in the morning!! I asked if he could at least change the sheets since there were no other rooms available. And he handed me a pile of sheets so that I could go remove the contaminated sheets from my room MYSELF!! The girls and I removed the sheets and placed new ones on the bed because we couldn’t think of anything else to do. When we returned an hour later there were still little worms on our fresh sheets. We had no other option but to check out and check in to a Marriott down the block that ended up costing us $400 a night because we appeared so last minute. I am grateful that the Marriott had a room available for us. Every other hotel was booked.

And a little side note. Their sister hotel next door that they stuck us in - the LILY. Staff was friendly but there was a hole in the wooden floor when you walked in, you had to wait 10 minutes for the water in the three foot bathroom to warm up. My friend went to sit on the couch and was shocked when she found a piece of glass on it!! And the worst part was that the staff didn’t even care. We weren’t offered a discount or anything. I’ve been calling for three days to try and get a refund or at least a reaction from an employee! The manager has been on “vacation” according to the staff. Meanwhile I know that’s not true because when I called today I was told otherwise!! We now have $2000 being held on our credit card but to get a response about these charges I have to call the acct dept. Their voicemail box in the acct dept is coincidentally FULL!! We asked other guests if they were as dissatisfied as us and everyone agreed. Every guest was bumped over to the hotel next door on at least the first night. PLEASE DON’T EVER STAY HERE. Oh, and btw, the next day I returned to the hotel and knocked on the door of the room I had left that morning (that may I remind you was infested with MAGGOTS) and they had placed another guest in their who was totally unaware of the previous infestation. So if you decide to stay here for whatever reason: don’t turn off the AC because we’re pretty sure they keep it on to keep the bed bugs in the pillows instead of in your hair.

Chesterfield Hotel is located at 855 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 .

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honee0812 does not recommend this business.

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