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Prime 112: Completely SUB-prime   1-Star rating

I consider myself quite the foodie…particularly with the abundance of great restaurants we have to eat at in New Orleans.  This is the first time I’m writing a review because our meal at Prime 112 was just that bad.  We started out with their “signature” salad…that was a fresh and generous gathering of cold and freshly washed vegetables, but the dressing was nothing special…thankfully the pieces of applewood smoked bacon saved the day.  We decided to share the obscenely sized “kobe” hotdog which tasted like spam in a casing; I was able to get down two bites with the help of the side sauerkraut & mustard.  I typically ask the waitstaff how the entree is before I order it..and I got a reccomendation….from our waiter….so they lose points on that as well.  Typically a waiter will respond with a “that’s not really one of our most popular dishes” warning..but not this time.  The sides we ordered were the brussel sprouts and the baked/stuffed tomatoes.  The brussel sprouts were decent, but too drenched in their own saucy stew….I ate about three of them….I’ve had much better.  The stuffed tomatoes were extremely heavy..stuffed with spinach and cheese..with breadcrumbs on top..and I’m from Louisiana..mecca for heavy/fried foods.  I had two bites and I was full in a bloated/nasty kind of way.  If you’re a pretentious self-absorbed see-and-be-seen around town kind of person, go to Sub Prime 112 for the ambiance and to feel beautiful, not for the food

Prime 112 is located at 112 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach.

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Arman does not recommend this business.

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