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Shelly Hotel : Disgrace   1-Star rating

I have never been so disgusted with an institution in my entire life. The first night there my friends and I returned from the bars to only find our money, credit cards, ipods and cell phones had been robbed. We spoke with the worker down stairs, couldn’t help us, called the police who said there were no signs of breaking in, front desk would not let us view the security tapes, even if they did wouldn’t matter since the hallways are pitch black. I think they purposely do this so the rooms furthest from the camera can be broken into. Convenient our things were stolen our first night when they knew we would be stocked with cash. No one helped at all! On top of that the personal did not speak english. We changed rooms since we felt unsafe, gave us the one that did not have power!! Could not blow dry our hair or get ready with four girls. All in all the worst place in Miami, and I would not recommend it to anyone.

Shelly Hotel is located at 844 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.

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Damla does not recommend this business.

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Kathy says:

I stayed there last year with my daughter and the roaches were disgusting.  We left after one day and they put us across the street at the Chesterfield and there were roaches there also.  Most horrible 5 days.  Would not recommend or go back.

Posted on 04/02/2009 at 9:16 AM

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