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TGI Fridays: Disgusted by Friday’s standards in the States   2-Star rating

While visiting America, I was really looking forward to going to Fridays as I worked for them in the UK for 3 years and I was very proud of the standards and service there. On entering the Miami store, I was surprised to be left at the door for 15 minutes as the servers ran around like headless chickens, seemingly not having a clue what they were doing. We went to the bar where we waited again for fifteen minutes until be were served a beer in a paper cup which I thought was disgusting. There was litter all over the floor and paper cups everywhere. We were finally sat in an area full of drunk teenagers throwing things around and no none asked them to behave properly at all. The final straw after waiting nearly an hour and a half for our meals was when a girl at one of the tables behind us was sick all over the table. Was she asked to leave? No, she was moved to the table next to her and the table with the sick on it was covered with a cloth and left stinking. It was disgusting! I was heartbroken that the years I spent training as a master bartender and a trainer for the company seemed to be a farce and that the stores in the States that we looked up to have such poor standards.

TGI Fridays is located at 500 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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Coglan99 does not recommend this business.

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1 Comments on

"Disgusted by Friday’s standards in the States"

laurieb says:

And Americans wonder why the rest of the world has such a low opinion of us?

Posted on 08/15/2006 at 1:05 PM

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