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President Hotel" title="President Hotel">President Hotel: Do Not Stay at the President  

This place is the worst dump I have ever stayed in. This place was so dirty I was afraid to stay there. The “clean” towels where dirty and
full of hair. The full-length mirror was disgusting. There was barely any lighting. It smelled of cat urine the first two nights then pot the final
night. I actually got a contact high. The walls are so thin you can hear regular conversations. Of course, all I heard was yelling all night long. I
could hardly sleep. Even though they say they offer wireless internet, the signal is so weak you couldn???t use it. The tech guy told me to go
somewhere else. The best part was that they charged me 80?? for each call to the front desk. The staff was not very helpful when I complained. I needed a vacation from this place. I would not waist your money at this dump. You will truly regret staying there.

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jwarrender does not recommend this business.

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