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SeaEscape Casino: Does not honour ads   1-Star rating

A friend and I reviewed our options of going out on several different excursions and decided on the SeaEscape.  We arrived and had a 2 for 1 coupon, which the most unpleasant gentleman said needed 48 hrs advance registration.  My friend questioned him to show where this was stated, he then proceeded to answer that “this is not one of our coupons” even though it was provided by our hotel (who charges extra $$$$ and we are not notified that these hotels have special deals with the SeaEscape, therefore there is a charge at the hotel after the excursion).  The boat smelled and was very old.  It is really geared to the older generation, which was very surprising that the staff was not assisting the older people walking about who needed assistance. Don’t misunderstand, the staff that attended to us was very pleasant and the craps table dealers made our trip more enjoyable.  But we found older people, whom were alone, struggling to get around and no assis tance was offered.  I do not recommend this boat trip to friends and would not like my parents on the boat alone.  It is also the law in Canada that when you advertise such coupons, they are to be honoured.  I did not think that it was any different in the USA.

SeaEscape Casino is located at Port Everglades, Terminal 1, Ft Lauderdale.

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lb does not recommend this business.

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