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Masters Pixxa: Don’t bother   1-Star rating

The food is OK.  I used to be a fan of the chicken francese.  However, upon ordering delivery, I specifically made sure there was NO CHEESE on a order for a house guest who is deathly allergic.  I made this abundantly clear.  You guessed it.  Arrived 45 minutes after the quoted delivery time and my poor guests sandwich was smothered with cheese.  When I called back the guy even told me the sandwich is not normally made with cheese.  They stated they would make a new one and have it delivered immediately.  Not only did it arrive an hour and a half later, but they refused to comp the sandwich, let alone the whoel meal.  They felt that a replacement sanqwich was sufficient.  I was dumbfounded.  I made it clear I would like to speak with the owner who has now been described to me by one employee as a woman and another employee as a man - neither of who could speak a word of english nor give me a NAME.  2 months later we decided to give them another chance.  I sh#t you not, as I ordered, the person on the phone told me there was a note in thier computer refusing to deliver to my address and then he proceeded to hang up on me.  I called back to inquire, hung up on without a word. Called back again, hung up on. Called back again, hung up on.  It became comical andI continued to call until someone gave me to name of the owner.  I have since reported them to the better buiness bureau. Unreal.

Masters Pixxa is located at 1720 Alton Road, Miami Beach.

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hcook001 does not recommend this business.

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