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Pizza Rustica: Don’t call Pizza Rustica   1-Star rating

We called one location to get a delivery and were told to call the other location. When we called the other location we were hung up on immediately. Then we called back again and were hung up on again. From there we proceeded to call back about 25 times. Sometimes we were hung up on, other times we attempted to communicate with what can only be described as a slack-jawed yokel, speaking some sort of strange spanish-english-jibberish that sounded like a combination of speedy gonzalez and foghorn leghorn, on acid of course and with a slight speech impediment to boot.
Finally, after reaching someone willing to invest more than 2 seconds into a legitimate conversation with me, I asked if we could get a delivery order - of course, the response I received could best be described as incoherent babble, at the conclusion of which has literally drained my IQ by at least 7 points, and left me drooling and quaking in the fetal position, and having had soiled myself due to the sheer insanity.
So in conclusion, if you want pizza, call somewhere else… but if you want a hilarious and entertaining game of retarded, psychopathic, yet strangely exciting game of phone tag, then call Pizza Rustica.

Pizza Rustica is located at 863 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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brian does not recommend this business.

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