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Paesano's: Don’t eat at Paesano’s   1-Star rating

This was the most terrible eating experience of my life. Both my boyfriend and I got food poisoning from the frutti de mare platter and the seafood lasagna. I was so upset I called the County Health Dept, and found out they had critical violations in 5 of their last 6 inspections, the most recent one in May 06. The rest of the experience was horrible, too. They force a 17% gratuity on ALL checks—surely they know people would be inclined not to tip on terrible service. You pay for water, and they bring bread to your table and then charge you 8 bucks for it. Check out health inspections at:

I called them to tell them what happened, and they told me to call back maybe 10 or 11 times—hoping I’d give up. When they finally talked to me, they refused to admit that their food was ill-prepared.

Paesano's is located at 764 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL.

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carol does not recommend this business.

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3 Comments on

"Don’t eat at Paesano’s"

Morton Rivkind, Attorney At Law. says:

This response is to the false statements being made by Carol Coen with regard to her experience as a customer of Paesano’s restaurant. Paesano’s restaurant has been in business at South Beach for over 30 years. A restaurant does not maintain such longevity unless it has satisfied customers. Our customers are not only tourists but repeat local customers, as well. Ms. Coen states that we charged for bread. This is false. We have kept a record of her bill and charge which clearly shows that she was not charged for bread. She claims that a 17% gratuity was added on without notice. This is also false as our menu clearly states that the 17% gratuity will be added to the bill. Then she made a statement that she was poisoned. Our response is that we served 24 meals that evening of the same dinner that she ordered with no one complaint. (only compliments). When we did receive her complaint we simply asked Ms. Coen to provide some type of proof that she had fallen ill because of our food. She refused. All she ever did was demand a refund and made false statements when we refused her demand. Paesano’s can provide numerous favorable reviews of our restaurant. Paesano’s enjoys an excellent reputation which it has earned after more than 30 years in business.
Morton Rivkind, Attorney At Law.

Posted on 05/29/2007 at 1:32 PM

Gibson Preziuso says:

I ve never been so badly trated…
I went with a group of people and did not see the infamous 17% Mandatory TIP.. Have made the mistake to give a regular TIP and they did not tell me that it was already charged remarking my voucher with the word EXTRA TIP.
10 calls and no help received ...

Posted on 11/30/2007 at 2:36 PM

Carol says:

Paesano’s lawyers left the nasty reply to my negative review, and even sent me a letter threatening to sue me. I have NEVER before posted a comment about a restaurant, I was only moved to do so after getting food poisoning and a complete denial instead of an apology from them.

I had the same experience trying to get a response to them. I even sent them a letter certified mail, and it was returned to me by my postman. He said they actively refused to accept the letter 3 times.

Posted on 12/01/2007 at 9:11 PM

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