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Amika: Don’t go VIP at Amika   1-Star rating

6 of us decided to go to Amika this last Friday and got a VIP table.  The club was empty until about 12:30AM, strange for warm and clear Friday night in South Beach - but should have been telling for us.  After the club became half full, the music started - a mix of mainly rap sound, not a lot of techno or dance music at all, the girls didn’t like it much at all.  After a couple more hours of hearing abuse, at 3:30am we decided to leave - the club had maybe 50 people left in it.  We settled our bill - be ready - for a bottle of Grey Goose and Bacardi we paid $600 in VIP - unreal, this is higher than Vegas at New Years.  Well, that’s when the fun started.  No one is allowed to exit via the front door at Amika, although it was 3:30am and no one new coming in.  Our cars were valet parked, but, it was pouring rain outside.  The 4 girls with us had to walk outside through a 4 inch deep puddle about 6 feet long to get to the street, where we had to wait for our valet parked cars.  I started to talk to Rocky - the door moron and he started to push us through the other door.  I asked him to consider the rain and all he could say is that it’s the club policy too bad.

This place is total crap, I am calling American Express Platinum to get my money back - Amika can sue me.  They are not even a D level club in our minds and have no service whatsoever.

Amika is located at 1532 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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polarlights2001 does not recommend this business.

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