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Hosteria Romana: European’s Opinion Overpriced   2-Star rating

Here’s a true opinion by a well travelled European. A smple glass of house white or red wine, $10 and the wine would be considered a cheap $5 bottle wine in Europe (US supermarket too), nothing fancy.

Food: Beware of ordering specials such as a seafood platter on salad: has calamari, jumbo shrimp, and grouper on some salad leaves and tomatoes, not a real salad.  All for $75 for 2, way overpriced, shrimp overcooked, whole plate turning cold quick and too much for 2. Such a meal found from Portugal to Italy for $15-20 at beach grilling cabanas. 

Ambiance: Hectic, noisy, but fun if you like this style, I prefer quieter places.

Service: Good but waiters could check on u a little more.

Beware of Tip: Tip included in total bill and then asked again when giving your credit card.

Better Value for your money: Much smaller, intimate, charming, quiet neighborhood, way better value for the $$$  Go to Brickell on Miami Ave. 

Hosteria Romana is located at 1230 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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anon does not recommend this business.

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