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Cafeteria : Even Worse After Hours   5-Star rating

As bad as all those reviews are, it gets worse: We came here for WMC to see Desyn Masiello, paid for VIP table and the bouncer wouldn’t even let us get to the dance floor, behind the restaurant.  Of course, coming from NYC and other parts, we didn’t know there were two different sections, let alone that paying $1000 for a few bottles and a table wouldn’t even buy us access to the dance floor.  Instead, we ended up hanging out near our table watching the DJs on a big screen, listening to a totally crappy sound system.  Neither our waitress or the restaurant manager could even help us get past the needlessly agitated bouncers.  If this wasn’t enough, we watched the waitress, quite literally, sell us out to a prostitute, who took my friend’s name from his credit card and hung out at our table far longer than she was welcome, trying to help herself to our booze and working way too hard to drum up business.  This would be annoying enough if the staff weren’t behind it, but all the worse for the fact that our waitress was so shamelessly behind this racket.  If this is how they treat VIPs who just come for the music, imagine how they treat regular guests.

Cafeteria is located at 560 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, .

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rs695 does not recommend this business.

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