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Tantra: Expensive disappointment   2-Star rating

So my girlfriend and I, and 2 of our friends went to Tantra on a Saturday night for Miami Spice. For those of you who don’t know what Miami Spice is, it is about a 2 month long event where various restaurants in Miami offer a special menu for a set price which has a 3 course meal selection. First off, the ambiance wasn’t that bad, it was unique, but we got stuck in the worst location int he restaurant. The place was actually kind of crappy inside, but they keep it dark. The bathroom felt like I was in a crappy hole in the wall bar. The mixed drinks sucked, and were around $15 a piece, and my wine was $12 a glass for a bottle of wine that is usually about $14. The appetizer which was a shrimp cake was good, but it stops there. I ordered a bacon wrapped fillet, which wasn’t cooked right, and had little flavor beyond salt. The desert was the most disappointing part of all… there was no selection, they just brought out what they wanted to give you which ended up just being ice cream which wasn’t anything special. Our bill was around $265, and I felt like I got about a $75 meal including drinks between the 4 of us. All in all, horrible experience, especially because the week before hand I was in Atlanta and ate at Rathbun’s, which was absolutely amazing, and the bill for 4 of us was $165 including drinks, appetizers, and dessert and a bottle of wine. Tantra is just trendy and has an exclusive name, but if you’re a culinary aficionado don’t waste your time or money.

Tantra is located at 1445 Pennsylvania Ave., Miami Beach.

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enceledus does not recommend this business.

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