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Larios: Extremaly bad service, over priced   1-Star rating

I finally got to experience Larios on South beach because it was my friend’s girlfriend BDay. Well I am going to have to give it a 1 in 1-10 score range 10 being the best. The place has a nice look and it is pretty busy but the nightmare begins with
1)The loud music which keeps you from enjoying a nice dinner with friends as we could hardly hear each other when trying to talk or for that matter to order the food.
2) The waiter took our order and aprox 45mins later our food came with the exception that one of the plates was incorrect per what my friend ordered.
3)The waiter took our drinks order but failed to bring a coke to one of the girls on the table not to mention in the aprox hrs we sat there we only saw the waiter 2 times and only got our water refilled once.The waiter did not check with us for absolutely nothing and we had to wave him down to get anything.
4)I had a Pollo a la plancha wich was priced at about $13 and some change….I must admit I’ve had better, larger portions, and for at least
$2-$3 less which with everything that happened it was not worth it.

I have read many good review here but if you are like me that I like to get the best bang for my buck…...don’t do it. I rather eat a delicious Rustica pizza slice then go through this or recommend it.
One should not pay for parking, wait a very long time for food, bad service and over priced food to have a good time on South Beach.

The worst part was that they were already bringing out the new plates and utensils to place them on our table and we had JUST finished eating and waiting for the bill. Absolutely no time to enjoy talk or nothing.


Larios is located at 820 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach.

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Lex does not recommend this business.

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