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Senor Frog's: Flying cockroaches   1-Star rating

Well, I can’t really comment on their food or service since our experience was a very short-lived and traumatizing one. We were going to sit outside and the table was still wet, we had to call the guy to come and finish cleaning it before we could sit.  Then my wife went inside and it smelled really bad. She headed for the bathroom: to get there you have to go through the whole restaurant and the desolated private room in the back, climb a set of stairs (this is very dangerous, anyone could be hiding there) and then she entered the bathroom which was VERY DIRTY and disgusting, with dirty toilet tissue on the floors, and to finish it off, a flying Periplaneta americana (COCKROACH, in good english) standing on the mirror and telling her how good she looked… hehe. Well, thankfully she did that at the beginning, ‘cause as soon as she came down we just cancelled the order and left.  Don’t go there… not recommended.

Senor Frog's is located at 616 Collins Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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carlostejeda does not recommend this business.

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