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Universal Studios 0rla" title="Universal Studios 0rlando">Universal Studios 0rlando: Frustrating day at Universal Studios   5-Star rating

Just came back from a vacation in Florida and we spent one day in Universal Studios only. I found it to be a frustrating experience. Ticket prices seemed reasonable at first, but then there were all these “extras’...valet parking to be closer, express pass to bypass lines, meal deals etc.  It was all very confusing.  You have to walk a LONG way to get to the park (no trams here) and you have to pass through city walk and the barage of stores and blaring music to get to the park.  I checked the web site for this park before we went (bought tickets online) and the website said express pass tickets were an extra $15, but when I checked for when we went (week before Easter) the web said they were not available for this week.  However, upon entering the park, the express passes were being offered for sale at $40 a pop!  It was almost as much as the ticket to get in!!  Talk about taking advantage of a holiday week. Service everywhere was slow and I mean SLOW. My children’s chicken tenders at lunch (50’s cafe) were still raw in the middle, park was dirty, lines were long, unless you used the single rider option.  I just generally came away with a negative impression of the park.  I am fine if I don’t go again for another 10 years, and only if my kids make me.  Mummy ride was cool, though not worth the aggrevation.

Universal Studios 0rlando is located at Orlando Florida.

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