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Hosteria Romana: Get rid of the waiters and get a better chef!   1-Star rating

It was our last night in Miami Beach and we walked all the way from The Savoy Hotel. We were pulled in by the loud waiter to sit down. We quickly glanced the menu at the variety of items and the prices. The prices seemed rather high to me, but being in the banquet hall business , I thought that the overhead of Miami Beach and possibly the large portions would be well worth it. But, in fact, we were all very disappointed!!! My son who is 15 ordered a $20 homemade ravioli plate and there were only 9 ravioli’s on the plate. My calzone was large, but 3 inches around the whole perimeter was dough. My mother ordered a veal piccata and there were two small pieces of veal on her plate. The service was so good, that they were almost taking plates away while we were still eating. Relax boys ....we’re still eating…maybe they wanted to turn the table rather quickly. I can honestly say that the sauce was not authentic Italian ....and believe me I know ... and the only good thing about the whole experience was the bread basket with the dipping oil. The $217 bill sure did not reflect the food. I would of rather have stayed on Ocean Dr and found a restaurant offering a half price meal with 10 times better quality ... I think you guys should eliminate some waiters and busboys and reduce your costs and at the same time get a better chef while at the same time reduce your menu prices and you won’t need anyone to yell at customers to sit down ...they’ll come over willingly. Get some Help soon!!! You can only rip off travelers for so long !!! I hope everyone reads this and makes a better choice for their evening meal.

Hosteria Romana is located at 429 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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Icepyropilot does not recommend this business.

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