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Emeril's " title="Emeril's ">Emeril's : Good Food Great Service Good Value  

We just ate at Emeril’s on 3/21 and had a great time there. The service was fantastic, as expected from his restaurants. We chose to eat outside on the patio that overloked the Lowes’ pool. The waitstaff was attentive and helpful.

We didn’t order all that much, 1 entree, 3 soups and 3 salads, but the bill came to about $150 after tax and tip, which I think is a pretty decent value.  I ordered the veal chop which came on the bone and was very flavorful. It was a bit fatty though, but the fat also adds flavor. The veal was served with a potato/cheese lasagna side and some asparagus in a tomato based sauce.  The side was excellent and the ricotta cheese was delicious.

The bread service was very nice as well. I tried the black olive foccacia and french rollls. The french rolls had a crust that was buttery like a crossiant and the foccacia was perfect.

My friends ordered the gumbo which they said was a bit spicy but very good. Their salads also looked good, but nothing extraordinary.

Overall, I would certainly recommend dining at this restaurant.

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Jeff recommends this business.

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