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Winterhaven" title="Winterhaven">Winterhaven: Good Stay at the Winterhaven Hotel  

Room was fair. Service, location and lobby were great.  The porch was great for watching the unusual visitors to South Beach. We enjoyed our stay there very much and would recommend this hotel. The only downside was that our room was located adjacent to side street and was noisy due to street revelers on Saturday night until 5AM. We were unable to sleep. Sunday night was quite.

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Dolan recommends this business.

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"Good Stay at the Winterhaven Hotel"

Stephanie says:

This hotel is located in a great spot if you want to be close to bars and resteraunts.  It is also right across the street from the beach.  I’m sure this hotel is usually a great place to stay, it has a nice breakfast and the staff is accomidating.  However, I would only recomend this hotel when the renovation is completed.  The noise was so loud, we could not speak to each other or watch TV in our room.  We were astonished the hotel was even open because this was such an innconvenience!  The one elevetaor in the hotel is very small and we were always ucompanied by the “not so fresh” construction workers.  The pictures on the website look wonderful but the actual bar, lobby and rooms are older and starting to really show age.  The website does say they are under construction but does not explain that this will be a MAJOR inconvenience.  They really should be closed at this time.

Posted on 12/04/2006 at 1:25 PM

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