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B.E.D : Great Expectations, Great Disappointment   1-Star rating

I was looking forward to checking out B.E.D last night….I wish I hadn’t bothered. First off there was no logical queing system. People clustered around the ropes while the doorman (a.k.a god) and his matching minions passed judgment on those worthy enough to pass through the hallowed doors of the club. Basically if you were female and not wearing next to nothing, you didn’t stand a chance.  I found the way that the doorman and his staff treated people who wanted to come and dance apalling. They appeared to be on something of a powertrip, refusing to make eye contact with you. I met another party of girls, hoping to celebrate their birthdays, who had been waiting patiently by the ropes for 40mins without even being acknowledged. In fairness to the actual club, I didn’t go inside so I can’t comment on the music etc.  However, I’m pretty sure there would have been no room for anyone in B.E.D apart from the doorman and his ego.

B.E.D is located at 929 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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Katie D does not recommend this business.

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