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Creek Hotel: Great for young travelers   1-Star rating

This hostel/hotel was lovely. I stayed here with friends as a 20yr old in August 2004; we loved the hostel so much that we stayed there for the three weeks we spent in Miami. The rates were cheap; $17, there was a decent pool and a comfortable films room (free) as well a a great bar and funky young ppl’s atmosphere at night. I can’t believe the other reviews submitted (go to the Hilton if you want posh and stuffy!), the Creek was not dirty. The rooms are basic, but clean and satisfactory, if you want a posh room there are art deco ones for slightly more. Breakfast is included, it’s juice and toast. Lots of young people, many who’d been working at camp and were now travelling. I bumped into old friends from home there! The beach is across the road. The staff was SO welcoming; there was a hurricane when I stayed there, and the lovely hispanic staff member drove me 90 miles to the airport as buses were down. Lovely, sentimental memories of this place; I’d certainly return.

Creek Hotel is located at 2360 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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becky recommends this business.

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