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Picnic: Great little “Picnic” spot   3-Star rating

“In the middle of the journey of our lives, I came across a dark wood where the straight way was lost….....” Dante

The above famous quote was brought to mind from the midpoint of a bike ride on a hot sunny day recently on the beach and venitian islands.

Halfway through our journey, I really needed a rest and something to drink.

We had heard about Picnic, which was ideally located, and stopped. We were glad we did!

The outside has tables and couches and was in the shade in the larer afternoon, inside the’ Bad News Bears” was playing on a projection screen. The owner, who was kind enought to introduce himself, has a wonderful Scotch accent that would put Mike Myers to shame!

The menu was very good, with varied choices. We had ‘sliders’ soft drinks and smoothies—they were all quite tasty.

Being new, I’m sure little things like slower service and the food being a tad cold will improve—we’ll check this place out again!

I do wish they would consider, since this may be a great spot for locals, taking off the mandatory 16% tip, or at least like Bing Pink, only do it late at night. I usually tip 20%, so its not a cost issue, here it was that you had to seach to find the charge.

All, in all, I think this has the potential for beind a super place and I look forward to going there again and updating everyone!

Picnic is located at 1400 20th St (at Bay Rd), Miami Beach .

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fredgarvin recommends this business.

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