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Playwright Pub: Great place to watch the World Cup   4-Star rating

Ok I love The Playwright and I love my Soccer no matter if it is the World Cup, premier leagues, champions league, it just doesn’t matter to me and The Playwright does a great job of getting these matches on their plethora of tv’s.  My friend Matt is also a soccer super fan and we have been going to The Playwright for the most of the matches.  While the prices are a bit high they are not astronomical and the patrons in the bar are a really fun and friendly bunch.  Last time we were there we befriended a guy from Italy and a couple from the Isle of Mann and we all ended up chillin all day.  Thats what this place is all about, having a great time with great people.  Oh yeah the bar food is not bad either.  So if you are into soccer or even galic football you should surely stop in, but make sure you get there early. The first World Cup match that we saw there we made the mistake of showing up 10 min early and we were hard pressed to find a place to sit so we ended up grabbing some low stools and watching from the pool table.  I guess it was not bad but a booth would have been clutch.  Well ya’ll I really recommend The Playwright and I hope to see you there for some more of the World Cup.

Playwright Pub is located at 1265 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 .

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