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Sum Yum Gai: Great Value SoBe Chinese   3-Star rating

The food was a bit pricier than other Chinese food, but granted we are on South Beach, I thought it was reasonable. $11.50 for Chicken and Pork entrees, 12.50 beef and 1-10 dollars more for seafood and other specials.

We went on a Tuesday and they offered their “All you can drink” special.
(Also on Monday & Thursday)If you order 12.95 or more per person it is all you can drink draft beer. (I added the spring rolls to my entree which brought my dinner-mate and I over the threshold.) We then consumed 4 or 5 pitchers throughout dinner and had leftovers.

The food was good. Instead of little nuggets of meat, you get pounded chicken breast and plenty of it. Our rice was served family style.

For dessert we ordered the “Lychee Nut” which was chilled Lychee fruit that had been de-shelled and pitted on ice. Nice, not as great as fresh, but still a sweet nice fruit, worth trying if you have never had it.

I recommend checking this place out. Our service was fine, but yes they do add 15% gratuity and don’t make any effort to tell you other than on the front page of the menu. Only complaints: I never got a water refill (who cares I was drinking beer?) and the server took quite awhile to get my credit card back to me.

Sum Yum Gai is located at 1403 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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Mauricio recommends this business.

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