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Albion Hotel: Gross and terrible customer service   1-Star rating

OMG, I really wish I had read the reviews for this place. I have been in South America, Europe and Caribbean. By far, this hotel was the worst hotel experience of my life. I deeply regret not staying in a Super 8. I never been in a Super 8, but I believe they cannot be worse than this Abion. Pricey and ugly, the pics on their website show a much better place. Besides the poor customer service, the rooms smell bad, are tiny, very poorly decorated, and they do not even have a coffee machine. They “choose” who will have breakfast according to a strange system. They also cancel your reservations if your flight is late. They said your are supposed to call and let them know you are coming late. HOW CAN I CALL FROM A 12 HOUR INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT???? AFTER ARRIVING EXAUSTED,  I was mistreated by the front desk personnel, completely incompetent and uncooperative. Everyone had a different explanation for my reserve cancellation. Decision-makers/managers do not work on Saturday and Sundays, which are the busiest days of the week, right??? Unbelievable!!!! Above all, I did not even receive a “Thanks” when I paid their ridiculous charges. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE! I decided to check out early because I could not stand to continue deal with that place. After I left to another hotel, I finally could enjoy the city of Miami and change my first impression of the people of that city….

Albion Hotel is located at 1650 James Ave., Miami Beach.

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Maria does not recommend this business.

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