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Catalina Hotel: Happy hour didn’t improve the impression   3-Star rating

Do not stay at the Catalina Hotel. The “white enameled floors” in our room were filthy and so is the red shag rug pictured on the website. We were charged a fee of $2.00 per day to cover the cost of the shuttle bus (which we did not use) and the free drinks at happy hour. Happy hour is a joke with the bartender pouring your choice of only 2 different watery rum based drinks one at a time (rather than mixing up a large batch). Happy hour is advertised as all you can drink in one hour, but of course, by the time you stand in line, you will only have one drink which is in fact a merciful thing as they are truly dreadful. The beds are nice, the linens are nice and the shower was so very small that a petite woman would find it confining. The lovely pool that is shown on the website is actually next door and serves two hotels. Good luck getting a chair when you want one! There are lots of other hotels in South Beach, don’t bother with the Catalina.

Catalina Hotel is located at 1732 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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Dianna Price does not recommend this business.

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"Happy hour didn’t improve the impression"

laurieb says:

Note: The pool (and the hotel next door) are part of the Catalina. They renovated two separate art deco hotels and made them into one.

Posted on 06/29/2006 at 12:03 PM

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