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Henrosa Hotel: Henrosa AKA “HELLROSA!!!!”   1-Star rating

After a long 4 hr drive from Kissimmee with a total of 9 adults and 5 children we arrived our expected destination. When we arrived we were told we couldn’t check in because the rooms were not available and were given to other customers (due to ahead cash). Regardless of the negative outcome,we decided to hit the beach. Once we arrived the beach we were relaxed but then a huge wave HIT. You know how we Puerto Ricans do with the family DRAMA. Consequently the hot Miami sun, with no trees for shade, and the pressure from the drama caused us to evacuate the scene and head to “HENROSA”. We arrived to the hotel and finally the rooms were available. We had two rooms given to 14 individuals. However, each room was a DISASTER! Each had only 2 twin beds, cracked windows, dirty sheets, dirty muggy rugs, no towels, no pillows, no A/C, unfinished paint jobs, filthy restrooms, and most importantly the rudest staff in all existence…..... After us trying to ask for a refund in a very polite manner, we were given a chance to stay all 14 in total in a “Suite” (reasonable room, the actual room they used on the website). Finally we left the hotel with no money,verbal assault, and overall an upset experience. Now this is what we call…........HELLROSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henrosa Hotel is located at 1435 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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