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Hosteria Romana: Horrible everyting overpriced   1-Star rating

we ordered 2 main courses and 2 horrible salads.
both salads came - with only leafs, 3 pieces of cheese, and NO DRESSING. and the price…. $15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
$15 for a bunch of leafs and goat cheese without any dressing???? one of the salads was supposed to come with fennel, as stated on the menu. but surprise surprise… no fennel AT ALL.
had to wait and ask more than 10 times for more water, and olive oil.
Servers stood behind us and looked at us eating like they’re are short on plates or something. very uncomfortable to enjoy yourself and your company when the waiters just keep coming to check if you finished your food every 2 seconds.
the overly dry bread was probably recycled from other tables.
AND THE BILL including the mandatory tip? WAY TOO MUCH for this type of food and service.
never going back… and telling everyone i know not to go. even for free.

Hosteria Romana is located at 429 Espanola Way, Miami Beach.

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baiana does not recommend this business.

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2 Comments on

"Horrible everyting overpriced"

DRG says:

Yeah, all true.  They turn tables over fast so they want you in and out asap! Way over priced for locals, def a tourist trap on Espanola but some of the dishes are excellent and thus they have a small local following.

Posted on 02/05/2009 at 8:13 AM

Nady says:

i totally agree…the food is overpriced and like u said they made us litterally leave the place as soon as we finish eating!! stay away there are better italian resto out there.

Posted on 05/29/2009 at 12:05 PM

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