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Jerry's Famous Deli" title="Jerry's Famous Deli">Jerry's Famous Deli: Horrible Food and Awful Service  

This is one of those restaurants that draws you in with the look of an established old fashioned deli. But in reality, this place is everything you always wanted, but in the wrong restaurant. Granted, I should have known better since this famous deli was transplanted into the former Warsaw Ballroom from I don’t know where. The Warsaw, now that was an awesome place to party in the 90’s. 

Ok… the food, the only way I would eat what they are serving is if I where a diabetic and “eating” here would prevent insulin shock. Then, of course the service is so slow and horrible I might slip into diabetic shock anyway.

If in the end, you feel you must try this place out, I can only say “I told you so”.

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John Carman does not recommend this business.

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