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Chelsea Hotel: Horrible Hotel Experience   1-Star rating

I dont understand how this hotel have recieved 3 stars,It should be a 1 star or 0 star hotel. I made a pre paid reservation for 5 nights so there was no money back. I got stock in a dump hotel 1 night without A/C (luckily it was my last night). They couldnt give me another room, the maintanance guy wasnt avaliable so they wanted me to pack my suitcase at midnight and move to another hotel in their chain. I was dead tired and they wanted me to basically work for an hour ON MY VACATION.

The service is so bad, no one cares. Most of the staff doesn’t speak english. ENGLISH, HELLO, YOU’RE IN AMERICA!!! Any request you have, the answer was NO! I asked to please lower the rap music outside the lobby where I had to sit all by myself with my laptop if I wanted the get a wireless connection which was unavailable in the room. The answer was NO WE CANT DO THAT! I CAN GO ON AND ON AND ON. Dont let the cheap price full you, do yourself a favor and RUN to another hotel, Good Luck.

Chelsea Hotel is located at 944 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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Amy Oved does not recommend this business.

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