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Cavalier Hotel: Hotel from HELL RUN   1-Star rating

My friends and I stayed there for Memorial Day Weekend. First of all I got a low room rate when I booked it on the internet and then they tried to give me a way more expensive room rate. Second I suggest you walk up the stairs if you still go to this hotel because they have a death trap elevator. Third the hallway looked like the “Get Your Freak On” video from Missy which isn’t good. Fourth the hotel room looked nothing like what we saw as their hotel photos. We had broken tiles, the ceiling fan was noisy and it looked like it was going to fall any minute, there was black tape on the lamps and the toilet, the bathroom was so small it looked like a New York City apartment bathroom; a broke down NYC apartment, the iron and the cd player was broken, it took forever for the front desk to replace them. We had men in the other rooms that were popping pills and harassing us and the hotel didn’t do anything about it, other hotels had security, this one didn’t. Their food is nasty, they are supposed to give us ice for our ice buckets and one of the workers at the bar told my friend that there was a gas station down the street. The bar had buy 1 get 1 free on cretain drinks but they never had anymore of the drinks. When checking out, the hotel is supposed to send someone to check the room to make sure everything was ok. The guy didn’t want to do that but after arguing with him for awhile, he came up; they were trying to keep my security fee. When we got downstairs, the guy said he didn’t know how to return my money on my card because he’s new so I made him give me a copy of the receipt saying they owe me money with his name written and his signature and date. The hotel was HELL, but Miami was FUN!!!

Cavalier Hotel is located at 1320 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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Lilla does not recommend this business.

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