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Tides Hotel: I feel cheated!   4-Star rating

I booked my trip to the Tides way back in early January. I was quoted almost $600 a night (excluding tax). I didn’t mind paying this rate if it meant I was staying in a luxurious hotel. However, not all went as planned. We where told the week before we arrived that the hotel was under reconstruction, there was no swimming pool, no lobby and the restaurant only served food outside on the front stairs! Already I was annoyed!
We arrived as planned on the 19th March to a noisy hotel. When I arrived in the room it was full of old white furniture which had cigarette burns in it!  While we were looking outside our ocean view suite, a work man appeared at our window! Luckily I wasn’t getting undressed! The elevator was also broke so we had to walk up 3 flights of dirty stairs! When we arrived back to the hotel on the first night there was a note on our door telling us there would be no water from 12-4! I’ve never heard of a hotel doing this in my life! And to make matters worse, the day it was cut off I had no hot water until half past 7, which made me late for a previous appointment I had that night!
We checked out after two days. Instead we had a fantastic stay at the Lowes hotel. The Tides almost ruined my holiday; luckily I am the type of person who makes the best of situations! This information should have been shared with me when I booked in January. I agreed to pay those rates because I thought I was getting the facilities to go with it!

Tides Hotel is located at 1220 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139 .

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Ecrolla does not recommend this business.

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