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Haddon Hall Hotel" title="Haddon Hall Hotel">Haddon Hall Hotel: if you like rude people, stay here  

This was one of the worst hotels i have ever stayed in. I am from Miami, and the hotel is not a great distance from my house, however I wanted to stay the night for Valentines day as a suprise for my husband. When I arrived an hour and a half after the check in time, the bed was not yet made, and the bathroom was a mess I reported this to the front desk and went back up to my room and set it up. I purchased a bag of shrimp and put it in the freezer, along with some wine in the refrigerature, and other things, and I also set up the table with roses and chocolate and candles. I told the front desk that I was leaving and would be returning with my husband several hours later and that I expected the room to be fixed upon my return, however when I came back, it seemed as if someone came into the room and made it look a lot worse then it originally was. The toothpaste in my bathroom was gone, and my shrimp was taken out of the freezer and spoiled. aside from the embar assment I sufferd in front of my husband, the night was ruined and when I went to inform the front desk, they told me that there was nothing they could do till the morning, and moved me into an even worse room. Also, they state that the parking is 8 dollars, that is a lie, it’s at least 20. Please dont make the same mistake I did. Dont stay here!!

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