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Prime 112: Incredibly OVERRATED   2-Star rating

Prime 112 is extremely overrated.  We reserved a table for four and had dinner at this place last Friday.  We were all honestly very disappointed.  The dining area is very tight and has an incredibly bad acoustic, it’s very loud and hard to hold a conversation without having to almost scream.  They allow the place to get overcrowded, to a point where the waiters could barely make it between tables!  Once we were done with dinner we said no to desserts and just wanted to relax and finish our wine.  It was our friend’s birthday and the waiter was made aware of that.  Totally disregarding the birthday issue and without even asking, she brought the bill and laid it on the table.  Next thing we know the table is being wiped and our glasses of wine, with wine still in them, were almost picked up!!!  At that same moment we are approached by a lady usher who kindly asked us if we could vacate the table because it was needed!!!! Their excuse was that they had overbooked!!! Now, who’s problem is that?  We felt totally insulted!  Never in my life and my visits to restaurants around the world had I ever been asked to leave a restaurant!!  This was totally uncalled for, very disrespectful and unethical.  Never will I recommend this place or visit it again!!! There are many other great steakhouses that I would rather go back to.

Prime 112 is located at 112 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139 .

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Anon does not recommend this business.

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