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Bikram Yoga: Judgemental- two faced   1-Star rating

I began doing Yoga for the first time at this studio in January 2004 - In the beginning I loved it so much that I drove all the way from Fort Lauderdale as often as possible.  I was a natural at the practice and therefore I really fell in love with it.  Before I went to Yoga I was very sick and in fact i was very scared the first time I went to the studio because I didnt want to feel judged.  - I had severe asthma problems along with a severe allergy to milk along with major sinusitis problems.  I felt sooooooooooooooooooo much better after doing Bikram Yoga - it was like the answer to my prayers- I had suffered for so long being sick and after medication and various other methods of attempt i had almost given up hope of ever feeling good - I fell n love with the manager of the studio, john Elliot, because he seemed so nice and kind; however, that would eventually change - Afet I had been attending the studio for 1 year John asked me if I would like to clean the studio in exchange for free yoga - I agreed, although i had plenty of money at the time to pay for yoga myself - by this time i had moved to north Miami and i thought it would be a good experience as well as a fun job because i enjoy cleaning . . . its like therapy for me n a way . . . like meditation kinda - a yoga monthly membership is 150 dollars a month for unlimited yoga - John wanted me to clean 3 days a week and it took about two hours every time - that’s approx. 24 hours a month of cleaning - and i was essentially getting paid 150 a month for 24 hours of cleaning - that comes to 6.25 an hour - and i was a very good at keeping the studio clean - over time the studio expanded and john got more demanding - he began expecting at certain times and then to help with customers and he never specified a time 4 me to b there at - these demands - i believe began from jealousy because i had begun working for a teacher at the studio as a nanny - as time went on, john continued to expect me at specific times - i started having a lot of asthm! a problems - prob due 2 the stress - and he was totally uncaring - he would get mad at me for coming later than 8am on Saturdays even if i explained that i had had an asthma attack and needed to comes an hour later because i needed to do a treatment - he would then - to punish me - make me clean a lot more than usual - overtime i just lost respect for him (he no longer respected me) and didnt care much about making the studio clean for him anymore however he never did bring any specific matters to my attention - he only gets revenge through his passive aggressive behavior - before i lost respect in john i trusted him with a secret - that i had been raped a couple nights previous - i thought he would b a good person to talk to because i thought him to be non judgmental kind - after i told him this he started treating me different - not to mention then discrediting my boyfriend and revealing some things that i had told him about my boyfriend to my employer (the teacher i nannyed for) - i knew this “gossip” would eventually ruin my job but i waited it out - it makes me very angry that john did not care about the child - he card more about spreading gossip about something he really knew nothing about - so i eventually lost my job because of his gift of gab - i was attending college and had to quit due partly to john and his unrealistic demands - but partly due to my mothers alcohol problem as well - i started going to yoga because i have these personal issues - however i have been a child care provider for ten yrs - and am very skilled in my child cartaking abilities - i challenge anyone to find someone better - especially in Florida (ugh everyone in Florida sux at their job- no one here cares) - anyway - i eventually quit cleaning and after witnessing the kind of judging of customers that goes on behind the scenes i slowly lost respect for everyone there - One of the teachers named Patchy even made a joke saying that i have no boobs - lol this is yoga - u don’t comment on peoples bodies - especially if u r a tea! cher - i eventually just felt that i just don’t want to be around people like that because i don’t want to become that - they even sit in the office and judge people sitting in the studio - at their most vulnerable state - absolutely unprofessional and disgusting if u ask me - i will never step my foot n this studio if my life depended on it - i was very nice to everyone and now i am about 2 move to a womens shelter because i have no job - cant find a job and im slowly becoming sick again because im unable to go to yoga due to the fear of being verbally and emotionally abused not to mention JUDGED - The manager John Elliot even sent me a txt msg one day telling me im not a smart person . . . . go ck it out you’ll c

Bikram Yoga is located at 1330 Ocean Drive.

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noelle meline does not recommend this business.

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