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Lily Leon Hotel: Lily Leon hotel is the worst hotel   1-Star rating

The hotel had waterbugs and ants in the room. I went down to ask one of the workers to do something about it.  The worker had the nerves to hand us a bottle of raid and for us to do it ourselves. That is disgusting. Not only did I refuse to kill the bugs myself, he had the nerves to say, “It’s bound to happen, we are near the water.” what a crock full of crap that is.  I’ve stayed in many hotels in Miami and never did I encounter such dirty and disguting things as I did at this hotel.  And for them to have the nerve to tell me to kill it myself, not acceptable. They didnt even want to give us a another room until I demanded for a refund, then they gave us a nother room.  They ended up upgrading our hotel and there was not even a difference. The hotel had huge cracks all over the wall and floor and it was obvious whoever cleaned the room did not do a good job. There were still shaved mens hair all over the sink along with stained red and black towels, and to top it off, bed bug bites stain all over the bedspread sheets. It was plain old disgusting. It was soo bad that I did not sleep at all the days I stayed there. Instead I stayed up sitting on the wooden chair..I refused to sleep in such a disgusting hotel. They even had the nerves to charge my credit card additional hotel fees and cleaning fees. How dare them!!!! They did not even clean my room any of the days!!!!  Funny thing is, I asked to see the manager everyday and everyday they told me he’s at the other hotel -they have 4 other hotels in Miami. He avoided me as much as possible. I asked them to leave a message for the manager because I needed to speak to him. Not once did he call or see us. Don’t ever stay in this hotel.. Warning!!!

Lily Leon Hotel is located at 835 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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disgusted does not recommend this business.

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