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Tapas y Tintos: Local Disappointed in Simple Saturday Dinner   1-Star rating

Lived in miami 3 years & been to this espanolia favorite many times for drinks & dancing late night.

I decided to bring my new fiance for a evening meal there but was very disappointed. I showed up at 7:45 PM, the place was empty. My two party was seated outdoors & waited 10 minutes for a waitress to take a drink order. They took larger groups seated after I was first for drink orders & complimentary bread snacks while I waited. Another 10 minutes later my drinks & bread come. Took 20 minutes of waiting for a drink. Another 10 more for the waitress to come back to the table to take my order for two appetizer. One came out in 5 minutes, the other took another 10 minutes & was served cold, fried calamari COLD.

I requested it to be returned to the kitchen however it never was picked up. After another 15 minutes of waiting the owner came over & said hello, bepe, which I know from the area, & talked nicely but forgot to take the cold dish to replace it. I was very disappointed being local & knowing it was a slow saturday & asked for the bill. Can you beleive it, they still charged my for the requested returned item. I was so tired of waiting & ready to go to someplace that can serve a dinner for customers.

All together, it was a hour and a half & the waitress came to my table twice. Screwed up the order, did not comps the cold food served. And worst of all, it was like I was not even sitting there.


Another thing: If you are on espanolia, hosteria romana, the Italian dining is not bad but I warn you. As a local & know the employees, owners, & partied there, THE PLACE IS INFESTED WITH RATS. In fact, it was Shut-down for 3 days this year by the city for the sanitation issues. Stand out side after they closed the doors at 2 or 3 & within 5 minutes, the entire kitchen, visible from the street, is crawling with RATS from the kitchen fireplace.

Tapas y Tintos is located at 448 Espanola Way, .

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sonictrance21 does not recommend this business.

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