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Tapas y Tintos: Lost this repeat customer   1-Star rating

I’ve eaten in Tapas & Tintos on numerous occasions and I was always satisfied with their food. It was fresh and very tasteful. Service staff was sometimes OK, sometimes careless, but I didn’t really mind as long as the food was great. Unfortunately, that all changed last weekend. My husband and I were both served a pile of shit, in an absence of a better word. I ordered grilled baby calamari and in their place I got some funny looking stuff that resembled boiled medium-sized roaches. I’ve eaten that same dish many times before so I was really surprised when I got this. I tried one and it was pretty nasty. Seems to me it came right out of some Goya can. My husband ordered grilled pork chops and he got 2 pieces of meat cooked couple of days ago and laced with a generous amount of ground paprika. I assume they tried to disguise the really ugly taste but it just made it more obvious. I am so very disappointed in Tapas & Tintos. Good bye and good luck! Looks like T&T will need loads of it!

Tapas y Tintos is located at 448 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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Irenchita does not recommend this business.

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"Lost this repeat customer"

Gus says:

Sorry to hear you had a bad time. You have some pretty strong words for a customer who used to like the place. You sound like a local. Since you will be no longer frequenting Tapas yTintos, where eles will you go to get you Spanish food on?

Posted on 10/01/2006 at 4:38 PM

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