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Shula's: Lousy Service at Rundown Hotel Restaurant   3-Star rating

Yesterday was my birthday.  I wanted to go to lunch at a steakhouse with an ocean view, so I selected Shula’s Steakhouse in the Alexander Hotel on Miami Beach.  We ordered off the Miami Spice menu, but that did not appear to have any bearing on the terrible service we received.  Maybe service is better at dinner.  Anyway, the hotel looked run-down; the restaurant, while in a beautiful space, did not look well-maintained.  We were unable to get a table anywhere near the window with the ocean view.  The hostess initially seated us at a banquette that was impossible to get into, and there was no offer to pull out the table.  I tried to slide in and accidentally knocked over a tray of dirty glassware that had been placed to the side.  The tablecloth looked used and wrinkled.  We moved to a different table.  The wait staff barely spoke to us and virtually threw our food at us.  Luckily, I had checked out the Miami Spice menu online, so I knew we had not been given the hash brown potatoes that were to come with our dinner.  The food was OK, basically a notch or two above a middlebrow steakhouse.  I was disappointed.  There was nothing at all special about the experience.  I won’t be back to any of Shula’s restaurants. 

Shula's is located at 5225 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33140.

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jmarthur does not recommend this business.

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