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DeVito's South Beach: Loved by a true Italian   5-Star rating

I really don`t understand how certain people can write those complaints about DeVito South Beach. I went there because I go crazy for that little man Danny (he is my favorite actor ever by the way). I want to describe my dinner at DeVito’s.

I went there without a reservation and the first person to approach me was this Italian host who escorted us to the bar. When we get in (me and my wife)we felt exactly the same sensation remind us of a Tuscany villa. Oh mamma mia!!!!! I recognize immediately those red fabulous Murano chandeliers all over the place, red Tuscany brick walls,venetian plastic. But the best for me was the table. I never saw all this marble in my life. So beautiful, so priceless, the beauty of DeVito’s. And, on top of that, I was surrounded by original customized flat screens playing my favorite actor Danny.

After 20 minutes the host escorted us upstairs were we had our dinner. If I was shocked by the first floor, you really cannot imagine how stunned I was by the interior of the second floor. Simply speechless. After we were seated, an Italian waiter approached us. The way he welcomed us was simply incomparable. I said to myself “this is show time!!!!!!!!” I just closed that menu (too many choices for me) and let the waiter surprise us. He took care of us with passion and dedication, like we were some celebrities. He paired our food with spectacular wine and, at the end, he served us a cheese platter paired with their mustard. AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! I really cannot believe my mouth was completely melted by a jubilation of flavors!!!!!!!!!!! The only one thing I suggest to DeVito’s is please lower your AC. It was cold in there.

DeVito's South Beach is located at 150 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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maurizio recommends this business.

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