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Cafe Pappillon: McDonalds does better pomme frites   2-Star rating

I have never been so utterly underwhelmed by a restaurant to where I feel like I need to warn someone of it. I visited Cafe Papillon a couple of weeks ago with my boyfriend and was thoroughly disappointed with the food and service. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the privilege of dining all over Montreal in many French restaurants and I’d like to believe that I know what good French cuisine tastes like.

We started with a salmon carpaccio, an Italian favourite of mine, but it was extremely bland. This was partnered with an order of moules et pomme frites. The mussels which should have been delicate, were tough and rubbery, overly pungent of the ocean, and were a frozen variety. The accompanying French fries were hard and too greasy. This was followed by the seafood linguine which was just average and lacking in flavour. The Lean Cuisine shrimp and angel hair pasta I get at the supermarket is sadly miles above better. We didn’t bother to stay for dessert. Repeatedly throughout the meal we had to get someone else to assist us because our server had gone missing. The restaurant was not busy at all, which should have been a red flag for me, but we wanted a quick bite before a movie and it was right around the corner. When it came time to get the check we waited for almost ten minutes because our waiter was too busy flirting with someone outside of the seating area to notice us. As someone who is in the service industry myself I was appalled! I work my ass off for my customers and my tips always reflect that. To add insult to injury either the server applied an 18% gratuity to the check, or it’s part of the restaurant’s policy, but either way he did not deserve it. This is coming from someone who almost always tips 20% minimum.

Cafe Pappillon is located at 530 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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Julie Davis does not recommend this business.

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