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DeVito's South Beach: Mediocre food, dreadful service!   3-Star rating

My daughter and I were served the wrong steaks and only realised this when I was presented with the check for 2 steaks at $145 each instead of the $38 steaks we ordered. The incompetent waiter admitted he may have made a mistake but the manager refused to amend the bill saying “We ate it, we’ve gotta pay for it!”. He even called the police when I said I would remove the 18% service charge. What a loser! Avoid this place at all cost!

DeVito's South Beach is located at 150 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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Richard Hood does not recommend this business.

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6 Comments on

"Mediocre food, dreadful service!"

Jay says:

I totally agree with you this place is HORRIBLE….My brother in-law and I went to check out this place since there was a 2 hour wait at prime 112, we both ordered our steaks med-well and what we got were #2 rare steaks, the manager came over and I politely asked him to remake our steakes I dont mind waiting, his response was NO I will only reheat the steak, I told him for $60 per steak I want the steaks cooked properly the 1st time, he had no response and brought me the bill…..Sad part is I was dealing with the SO-CALLED General manager….With POOR management this place will not last long…..

Posted on 08/26/2007 at 1:36 PM

eatboy says:

After dining at Devito several times I have got to believe the amateurs who wrote the negative reviews must enjoy their steaks from Ponderosa,or being paid to do so by the competition thats getting destroyed and outclassed, they truly have no clue and by the way Prime 112 can’t hold a candle to Devito’s Italian Chop House

Posted on 08/26/2007 at 10:07 PM

eatboy says:

also who orders prime steal medium well,,,that says it all

Posted on 08/26/2007 at 10:09 PM

Jay says:

eatboy you must work for Devito’s, that post sounds like such a sales pitch “the competition thats getting destroyed and outclassed”.....BTW I love the fact that more resturants are opening in south beach the competition is great for the consumer like myself.  You ask who orders prime steal medium well, I do…...The point is it dosent matter how I order my steak, if I order it well done like a hockey puck or rare with a heart beat.  I should get it the way I ordered it after all I am paying for it!.....
I agree that Devito’s has some very good items on the menu and the atmophere is great…..But there is no reason for the bad attitude by manager and his lack of respect for customers, I wasnt suprised to see that most of the feedback about this place is negative and the managers name is mentioned in some of the reviews…Im sure if they change managment, Devitos will do very well…...Also consider the FACTS there was a 2 hour wait a Prime 112 while at Devitos there was no wait….Also Im sure the gentalmen who was charged $145 per steak when he actually ordered the $38 steak sees your side of the story, but then again you have no idea how he ordered his steak, Im sure if he orders his “prime steal” as you do you may be inclined to believe him… well as the many others who have left negative feedback

Posted on 08/26/2007 at 11:59 PM

Danny305 says:

I have to agree with the views expressed here. The manager Paulo is truly a thug who needs to be sent off to a boot camp to learn some lessons in respect. He is truly a thug.

We were harrassed by Paulo who is the nastiest man I have ever had the mjisfortune to encounter.

He is losing customers at the speed of knots. At this rate I’ll give Devito’s 6 months at the most.

Posted on 09/02/2007 at 10:00 PM

Carla says:

We also had a bad experience at DeVitos. It does seem that ‘eatboy’ is on the staff. We particularly disliked the nasty manager Paulo who spent the evening bullying the cutomers and staff alike.

It does seem that Mr DeVito has made an unwise decision. I cannot see this place making him any money.

Posted on 09/03/2007 at 12:33 PM

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